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Incredible – Spectacular – Fascinating – Mysterious –  UN FRICKIN’ BELIEVABLE!  When you visit Egypt, these are the words that bounce around in your head and that you hear a lot in conversation among travel friends that are with you. Recently, a group of about 12 of us from the USA traveled to Egypt on a trip that was filled with wonder and amazement. On our first day, we did a walking tour of Cairo and visited the Citadel area, home to Egypt’s

Yellowstone is “The Granddaddy” of our National Parks, featuring 50% of the world’s geysers in this 2.2-million-acre space. And, it spans three states: Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Its sheer size along with the literal coexistence you have with the wildlife all around it, puts it in a league of its own. However, with the last six years of the park seeing 3-4 million more visitors than the previous six years, Yellowstone can be challenging to maneuver through and check off everything