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Thanks again Active World Journeys for the trip a lifetime!

Best ever active Tours!! Thanks again Jack and Active World Journeys for the trip a lifetime in the Holy Land of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. We loved Cuba, especially the people – and Egypt was so fascinating.

- The 3 Sisters (Judy Messoline, Nancy Miller, Terri Bercier),

It feels like family each and every time!

I’ve traveled with Jack and his Active World Journey groups to Costa Rica, Peru and Machu Pichu, The Holy Land of Israel/Palestine/Jordan, and most recently Egypt. The tours are very exciting and it’s always such a fun group of people to travel with - in fact it feels like family each and every time. Jack is very motivational, and you can tell he loves organizing and hosting these wonderful active world journeys.

- Erwin Vertlieb,

Los Angeles, CA

Fitness, friendship and the opportunity to explore the world

“I enjoy taking part in Jack’s trips. They combine fitness, friendship and the opportunity to explore the world and see different parts of the USA.

- Rosa Hernandez,

Dallas, TX

I am looking forward to the fifth adventure

I have traveled with Jack Witt on four amazing adventures! I would say they were trips of a lifetime. I am looking forward to the fifth adventure wherever that may take me as long as Jack Witt is our delightful guide.

- Terri Bercier,

Los Angeles, CA

Great variety of activities and wonderful guides

I have only experienced one of Jack’s trips but enjoyed it immensely. Everything was planned out so well including travel arrangements, dining, accommodations, and sightseeing. Great variety of activities and wonderful guides.

- Louis Horowitz,

Los Angeles, CA

Can’t wait to travel with them again

I have had the pleasure of attending 3 trips with our primary go to guy Jack Witt. If someone had ever told me I would travel to the Middle East and Cuba I would have said no way! But the people Jack hires to be our guides have been so kind, caring, informative. I have never felt any fear. These 3 trips have been some of the best in my life, but my sister is forever going to all different places in the world and I have been so lucky to accompany her. I’m really interested in where my next adventure (hopefully with Jack Witt at the helm) will take me. I have also met so many wonderful people on these trips and can’t wait to travel with them again.

- Judy Messoline,

Scranton, PA

Take the leap, travel with Jack!

Travel with Jack Witt on an Active World Journey tour. You’ll meet amazing new people, get to see for yourself the truth about a country, instead of just hearing and reading what the media has to say. Our trips have been beyond belief, all with excellent local guides, pleasant traveling companions, and always the finest of accommodations, ranging from camping in Bedouin tents in Jordan to 5-star hotels. Take the leap, travel with Jack, you won’t be sorry!

- Nancy Miller,

Los Angeles, CA


Jack is one of those people that you like to be around. He’s always happy and adventuresome. He is extremely trustworthy and will never leave you stranded.

- Eileen Todd,

Palm Springs, CA

Fabulous in every way!

Hiking the Camino de Santiago trail was fabulous in every way! Jack was so well organized – he selected the best historic inns for sleeping and dining and he was so helpful, and people felt relaxed and could walk at their own pace. Loved rambling around Madrid on the pre-tour and seeing sights and meeting locals. Amazing trip to refresh and rejuvenate the soul!

- Carolyn Wade,

Yuma, AZ

Comfortable and Safe

I didn’t travel very much until I met Jack and discovered his Active World Journeys. In the past few years, I’ve now gone on his Israel adventure, his Spain trip and we walked the Camino de Santiago trail, and the England trip where we walked The Hadrian’s Wall Path. I feel comfortable and safe on Jack’s tours and he always adds unique and special touches to each itinerary. I’m saving up now for my next trip with Jack. You can’t put a price on enriching experiences!

- Miriam Rolfe,

Los Angeles, CA

Fun and Active

I’m always traveling with Jack’s Active World Journey Adventures. They are fun and active, lots of cultural immersion, and plenty of opportunities to taste the local foods and drinks. The Inca Trail Trek and the Holy Land Tour were once in a lifetime experience for me!! Cuba was amazing too!

- Susan Beach Minor,

Los Angeles, CA