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Japan – Kumano Kodo

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Japan – Kumano Kodo

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Take a traditional tour of spectacular Japan and then hike the sacred Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail (optional). The Kumano Kodō pilgrim trail in Japan and the Camino de Santiago pilgrim path in Spain are the only two UNESCO World Heritage Pilgrimages in the world; one being Christian and other Buddhist. 

November 2022  The itinerary and prices will be available soon.


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Day 1: Tokyo
Welcome to Japan!
Day 2: Tokyo
Tokyo city tour
Day 3: Tokyo
Tokyo city tour
Day 4: Kyoto
Kyoto temples
Day 5: Kyoto & Nara
Kyoto Temples - Nara Deers
Day 6: Osaka
Osaka city tour and tastings
day 7: Osaka (end of main tour)
Osaka city tour
Optional Post Tour - Hiking the Kumano Kodo
The Kumano Kodō is a series of ancient pilgrimage routes that crisscross the Kii Hantō, the largest Peninsula of Japan. These sacred trails were and are used for the pilgrimage to the sacred site "Kumano Sanzan" or the Three Grand Shrines of Kumano: Kumano Hongū Taisha, Kumano Nachi Taisha and Kumano Hayatama Taisha. It takes about 4-5 days to hike this enchanting section of the Kumano Kodo trail we'll be doing, it's is about 40 miles long. The traditional starting point is near the large town of Kii –Tanabe, which is about a 3-hour train ride south of Osaka, Japan’s second-largest city. We'll have our bags transferred for us each day and stay in charming little Ryokens (traditional Japanese Inn) along the way. We'll stamp our Kumano Kodo pilgrim/travel passports along the way and upon completion of the trail receive an official certificate on rice paper that you have completed the Kumano Kodo. (Bring either your pilgrim stamp passport or Compostela (certificate) if you've already completed at least the last 100 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago in Spain and you'll receive a dual pilgrim certificate.)