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Hike The Holy Land

Price $3500 9 Days
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Hike The Holy Land

$3500 per person

Israel, Palestine and Jordan: A captivating landscape and epic destination known collectively as “The Holy Land.” Rich in cultural, historical and archeological heritage, and the center of the three Abrahamic faiths, this region celebrates more than 5,000 years of diverse human history.

Walk the Land
Discover the iconic sites, natural beauty and majestic scenery of the Holy Land in a more personal way. Walk and hike with us on ancient footpaths, trails and spice routes of prophets, kings, and peoples, including the Canaanites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Nebateans, Romans, Crusaders and Ottomans.

Indulge Your Senses
Tantalize your taste buds with the intoxicating flavors of the Holy Land’s date palms, olive trees, pomegranates, hummus, kebabs, wines, coffees and teas. Re-invigorate your senses with the healing properties of the Dead Sea’s salt-rich mineral waters and therapeutic muds. Completely refresh in natural desert oasis hot springs and waterfalls, seemingly abundant throughout this enticing region. Immerse yourself in the local traditional music and dance, and bask in the warm friendly hospitality of its people.

Whether you’re interested in Holy Land nature walks and day hikes as an interactive religious or spiritual pilgrimage to sacred sites and places, or possess a love of nature, history and archaeology, Active World Journeys’ “Hike the Holy Land” team of interfaith and secular destination-based travel and activity partners can customize your small group travel experience.

Join Us!
So, grab your hiking shoes, water bottle and camera, and experience the iconic landmarks and scenic nature trails of the Holy Land up close and personal — not through a tour bus window — but on an inspiring active tour for the body and soul!

Book your private group of at least 8 people on dates of your choice.
Email: Jack@ActiveWorldJourneys.com or call 323-739-4510

9 Days
18+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Your city
  • Dress Code
    Casual and Comfortable (many mosques and churches will require covering shoulders and knees)
  • Included
    Tours (see tour details)
  • Not Included
    International and internal flights
    Travel insurance
Day 1: “Shalom” and welcome to Israel.
We arrive Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport and transfer to our hotel on our own. The sites and sounds and aromas of the Middle East greet us with excitement; we’re in Tel Aviv- Israel, our first stop on this Holy Land adventure. Ground transportation from Ben Gurion Airport is generally an easy task with many options available including the train, taxis, sheruts (shared taxis), and car rental. In general, travel time between Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv is about 30 minutes by car. Catch your first glimpse of downtown Tel Aviv & Jaffa, where ancient meets modern on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. Today you might prefer to just relax on the beach and take a swim in the Sea. It’s all at your own pace and discretion today. Dinner is included this evening in our hotel.
Day 2: An exciting urban walking warm- up.
The city of Tel Aviv is the economic, financial and cultural center of Israel. Glistening modern offices, the world’s largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings known as the “White City”, nightclubs, theaters, trendy restaurants, and a young secular and progressive demographic, make Tel Aviv a world class city with a 24 hour lively atmosphere. After our included breakfast, we’ll take a short guided walking tour of Tel Aviv, including the always energetic and bustling beach front Promenade, while making our way down to historic Jaffa, the oldest port city in the world. Jaffa has a cozy old world charm to it and is a haven for artists with several art galleries to stroll in and out of, Its sand colored stone walls, cobblestone roads and view of the coastline make it a popular spot for wedding photographs. Relish the atmosphere and embrace your first full day here in Israel. Dinner is included this evening at our hotel.
Day 3: Explore ancient Roman sea side ruins / Take a boat ride where Jesus “walked on water” / Hike in “Israel’s Little Tuscany” / Visit a winery where grapes date back to biblical times.
Today we depart Tel Aviv after our included breakfast, and drive up the coast to Caesarea’s Roman ruins, which was originally a port city built by Herod the Great. After some tantalizing exploration of Caesarea on foot, we’ll depart the coastal region of Israel and drive inward to the fabled Sea of Galilee and the city of Tiberius, where we’ll be welcomed on board a sailing boat for a ride on this sublime and peaceful lake. Feeling miraculous yet? After our sail, we’ll take a short drive to the upper Galilee region; “Israel’s Little Tuscany”, for a scenic nature hike set against a lush backdrop. We’ll extend this dynamic day by enjoying a private tasting at a vineyard / winery and sample some of Israel’s best known varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. Dinner this evening is included, and will be our Kibbutz accommodations, where we’ll be experiencing a unique Israeli communal farm living atmosphere.
Day 4 : Stroll through the largest Arab city in Israel / Hike on an ancient footpath which connects many of the sites from Jesus’s life and ministry.
After breakfast at our Kibbutz, we’ll drive to Nazareth, the place where Jesus spent his childhood and youth. It hosts roughly 30 churches (including the largest church in the Middle East) and monasteries, as well as mosques and ancient synagogues. We’ll amble through the Old City’s lovely narrow streets, past charming Middle Eastern architectural style buildings and houses. And no visit to Nazareth is complete without a visit to the popular local market, full of spices, local foods, artwork, and souvenirs. Finding your rhythm yet in the Holy Land? It’s time to set out now on a half – day hike on The Jesus Trail, which runs between Nazareth and the biblical fishing village of Capernaum. It features sweeping vistas of green hills and fertile valleys, beautiful meadows, ancient towns and modern villages, and dramatic cliffs that overlook the fabled Sea of Galilee. There’s a quietness in the air on this trail, and you may feel like taking a moment breath it all in to yourself. Dinner this evening is included at a restaurant in Tiberius, where the flavors of Middle Eastern food will dance on our tongues and fuel our wanderlust.
Day 5: Visit the childhood area of the biblical King David and the village where Jesus was born / Hike on a nature trail where thousands of untold stories lie waiting for our imaginations / Take a traditional Palestinian food cooking class and indulge in delectable local specialties.
After the included breakfast at our Kibbutz, we depart and drive to Bethlehem. “As-salam alaykom” and welcome to Palestine! Today Bethlehem is a bustling big town with a special energy and is considered the “Gateway to Palestine”. We’ll walk through Manger Square, where the oldest surviving church in The Holy Land stands in daily use, visit the colorful Souk, and stroll past bell towers and terraced gardens. After spending some time here, we’ll easily discover that it retains an authentic atmosphere and provides a welcoming spirit. After our Bethlehem urban walk, we’ll set out on a wilderness walk of the “Battir Trail”, which is nestled between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. This unspoiled area is full of striking scenery. The Battir trail is packed with olive groves and fig trees, natural rock slopes and terraces, remains of roman irrigation systems, ancient canals, caves, and broken pottery shards (some dating back to Roman and even Egyptian times). By now, we’ll have worked up a hearty appetite, and there’s no better way to immerse ourselves in a culture than through a culinary experience of traditional foods that have endured through the ages. Using fresh foods and ingredients with intoxicating scents from the local village and community, we’ll learn how to cook some Palestinian dishes in a cooking class and savor our flavorful creations in an authentic and sustainable way. Dinner later this evening is included at our hotel in Bethlehem.
Day : Be moved by the commanding views from an ancient mountaintop fortress / Cool off and revive at an authentic Oasis in the Judean Desert / Float carelessly in the crystal blue waters of the lowest point on Earth.
This morning after our included Dead Sea Resort breakfast we drive to Masada. It was once an opulent vacation palace for Herod the Great, it later became legend as the last Jewish stronghold against the Roman siege, in a heroic story with a dramatic ending.  At sunrise, as the deep red glow rises above the Jordanian mountains in the distance, and the Dead Sea starts to glisten in front of us, we’ll hike the “Snake Path”; which starts at the base of Masada, and winds its way up to the peak, where the archeological remains endure (a 90 minute challenging but incredibly rewarding hike). Once on top, we’ll be amazed at the extensive ruins of epic Masada, and take in the breathtaking 360 degree panoramas of the Holy Land. A cable car ride takes us back down the mountain, where we’ll drive a short distance to refresh in the mirage-like offerings of Ein Gedi, referred to as “a green Garden of Eden in the Wilderness”. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve has walking paths and trails that meander past a plethora of natural hot springs, mineral baths and waterfalls of all sizes. Simply choose one that that tempts you, wade in, and enjoy its pleasures. You might even get an entire hot spring and waterfall to yourself since they are so abundant all throughout the park. Ein Gedi’s rivers run through deep canyons surrounded by lush vegetation. If we are lucky, we’ll be able to spot Ibexes and other animals that come to the rivers to drink. From Ein Gedi, we’ll drive to the famous Dead Sea for an overnight Resort wellness experience.  The Dead Sea has been attracting visitors from around the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years and is one of the world’s first health resorts. Most tourists to the Dead Sea are surprised to find that they naturally “float” in its crystal blue waters because of the high salt content, making it very buoyant. Pack on some of the healing mineral rich black mud found along the shoreline, and reap the numerous health benefits. A day at the Dead Sea will leave our skin feeling silky fresh and revitalized, our bodies feeling rejuvenated, and our minds feeling at ease. Dinner this evening is included at our Dead Sea Resort.
Day 7: Visit the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world / Behold another city that needs no introduction, and is holy to all three Abrahamic faiths.
After our included breakfast, we’ll depart our Dead Sea Resort and drive to the Palestinian city of Jericho, which is renowned for the story of Joshua and the trumpets from the Old Testament. We’ll visit the ancient archeology site and the mythical walls which are said to have fallen down by the cacophony of sound. Jericho is set against the backdrop of the Mount of Temptation, with its cliffhanging Monastery that perplexes the laws of gravity. We’ll gaze up to it in awe. It’s traditionally thought of as the place where Jesus was tempted by the devil on his 40 day fast. Treat yourself to a fresh squeezed pomegranate juice from the local village stand or try on some local hand crafted jewelry. Alas though, it’s time to head to our much anticipated final stop on this active Holy Land itinerary: Jerusalem. Perhaps no other city in the world is chock-full of history, archeology, splendors of empires, and stories of faith & worship, as the universal city of Jerusalem. Upon arrival, we’ll gather to do a walk around the city on top of the ancient 40 foot city walls (The Rampart’s Walk) for a captivating bird’s eye overview, including the gleaming golden dome of the rock on temple mount, Jerusalem’s most iconic symbol. Dinner this evening is included at our Jerusalem hotel.
Day 8: Amble through 3,000 years of rich layers of history, culture and archeology in a city like no other in the world / Discover what secrets lay buried deep underground.
After our included hotel Breakfast, we’ll take a guided 4 quarters walking tour of Jerusalem. The old city, with its cobble stone labyrinth-like streets, consists of a Christian quarter, Jewish quarter, Armenian quarter, and a Muslim quarter. You’ll start to feel how Jerusalem becomes a sensory feast, with its intoxicating scents that linger in the open air markets, paper prayers being placed into cracks and crevices of original stones from the Jewish Second Temple at The Western Wall, mesmerizing calls to prayers echoing from the mosque near the Dome of the Rock - the oldest Islamic monument on Earth, and the distant chants of the monks coming from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holiest Christian site in the world. After our walking tour, we descend into the underground Jerusalem few people know about, through secret tunnels and cavernous passageways that have existed for thousands of years. And of course, we’ll leave some free time in the itinerary for you to explore the many other iconic sites, landmarks and museums in Jerusalem. Our farewell dinner is included this evening at the hotel as we seal the time we’ve spent together experiencing the Holy Land.
Day 9: So long, but not goodbye.
After the included breakfast at the hotel you are at your leisure until it’s time to depart for Ben Gurion International Airport for your flight back to the USA. It is recommended to be at the airport 3 hours prior to the departure of your flight. Like most people, you may be already starting to wonder how soon you can return to the Holy Land. Most people just aren’t satisfied with 1 or 2 trips. There’s an irresistable allure to this place, with its vestiges of great civilizations, its striking scenery and vistas, and its tapestry of culture and faith. Places like this can move you. All of us at HiketheHolyLand.com, Trinity World Tours, and Overseas Travel Bureau hope that you’ll forever share the friendship forged by your trip leaders and local guides. Thanks for active touring with us in the Holy Land! COST : $3,500 (single supplement $650) WHAT’S INCLUDED:
  • Double occupancy 4-star accommodations
  • All ground transportation is included.
  • All breakfasts and dinners
  • All entrance fees
  • Informative expert local guide
    • Flights
    • Travel Insurance (Check out www.insuremytrip.com )
    • Tips for guide and driver (about $5 per day for driver and $10 per day for guide suggested)
Optional 4-Day Jordan Extension Tour
Day 1:  Incredible intact Ancient Roman City revealed / Arabian Nights comes to Life. This morning we cross the land border from Israel to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Our first stop is Jerash. Dubbed “The Pompeii of the East”, it’s the most well preserved ancient Roman city in the world outside of Italy. After lying silent for many centuries under the sands of time, it rose from the rubble and was reawakened in exceptional condition to reveal soaring hilltop temples, paved and colonnaded streets, a dramatic oval forum, handsome theaters, spacious public plazas, baths, triumphal arches, and a functioning hippodrome.  So let’s hike around this grand and formal Roman provincial town and evoke the ghosts of emperors, legionaries, and statesmen. After lunch, we’ll continue on to the Citadel in Amman, the modern Jordanian capital. With the whole city of Amman within sight of this ancient citadel, you can easily realize its strategic and cultural importance, and understand why it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on earth. The citadel holds both archaeological ruins as well as the Jordan Archaeological Museum within its vicinity, and large parts of the citadel still remain unexcavated. We will continue driving south to our final stop for the day, which will be our accommodation near Petra in a Bedouin Camp with warm comfortable beds. We’ll be treated with the famous Bedouin hospitality to a savory dinner along with mint tea or cardamom coffee. And while Arabian music and dance is performed for us, we’ll savor the moment by the glowing fire while gazing up to the millions of visible stars in the desert sky. Day 2:   Discover lost treasures, just like Indiana Jones, in an unbelievable caravan-city.   After our included breakfast, we’ll spend a full day in Petra. Known as the “rose red city”, Petra exemplifies its title of a UNESCO world-heritage site, and serves as Jordan’s greatest treasure and tourist attraction. Voted one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Petra really must be experienced in person to be believed. An ancient caravan city carved into the pink hued rock mountains and sandstone cliffs, the colors and formations of Petra are dazzling and quite unbelievable. We’ll hike around to the various massive facades, tombs, temples and theaters. Dinner tonight is included back at our Bedouin Camp. Day 3:  Feast your eyes on one of the most stunning desertscapes in the world.   After our included breakfast, we’ll depart Petra for a short drive to a vast, timeless and immense space called Wadi Rum. Also known as “The Valley of the Moon”, it was made famous by the British officer Lawrence of Arabia in the epic movie filmed on location. Wadi Rum epitomizes the romance of the desert, and surrounds with a moonscape setting. With a 4x4 jeep tour of this protected area, our aesthetic senses will be thoroughly pleased by the shapes, colors and forms of Wadi Rum. Lunch today is included at a local restaurant, afterwards we’ll cross back into Israel via land border for a late evening arrival in Jerusalem. Day 4Jerusalem and end of Tour You are at your leisure today to explore more of Jerusalem and perhaps do some final souvenir shopping. Was there a museum you wanted to go to? Or maybe you’d prefer to just stroll through this magnificent city one more time. In Jerusalem, you’ll never run out of things to do and see. COST : $1,600 (single supplement $350) WHAT’S INCLUDED:
  • Double occupancy lodging and camping is included.
  • All ground transportation is included.
  • All meals from lunch on Day 1 through lunch on Day 3
  • All entrance fees
  • Informative guide
  • 4 X 4 jeep tour in Wadi Rum
  • Border Taxes of about $60 USD in total.
  • Travel Insurance (Check out www.insuremytrip.com )
  • Tips (About 2 Jordan Dinars per day per person for driver and guide. So about $17 USD total)


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