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For thousands of years, a venerated Shinto Buddhism shrine in the Kii mountain range of Japan has been a place to visit for millions of pilgrims.

$2000 / per person

Patagonia Trekking Adventure World famous trekking awaits in Torres del Paine National Park – Chile. Each valley, peak, and pass hides its own treasures; be it hanging glaciers, vast pampas, twisted metamorphic rock or ice blue streams. No two days will be the same on this spectacular and perhaps most scenic trek on the planet…

$2500 / per person
8 days
must be at least 18 years old+

You’ll be hiking a 32-mile “best of” section of the AT over 4-days featuring spectacular vistas and well situated rusted full-service cabins and lodges.

$1650 / per person
6 days
must be at least 18 years old+