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Author: Jack Witt

It was finally here, our South Africa Safari Adventure. Our South Africa Safari Adventure was a chance to see the Big 5 animals in their natural environment (lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffalos) as well as giraffes and other exotic African animals! We flew into Johannesburg and rested up for a couple of days, seeing the Mandela House Museum in the suburb of Soweto where Nelson Mandela lived from 1946-1962 before his long prison sentence for standing up against the apartheid government

Grateful in the mist – gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. Did you know? Uganda has 50% of the world’s mountain gorilla population. There are about 450 gorillas in the sanctuary of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where we had the opportunity to trek to a particular family named “Mishaya” on a recent primate safari tour in Uganda, Africa. The tour also featured chimpanzee tracking. After flying into Entebbe, Uganda we made our way first to Kibale National Park to track chimpanzees, the

Ahhh – the Florida Keys are just one of those places that has its own unique feel. When you’re there, you get the sense that everything runs on “Keys’ time.” It’s laid back and bohemian atmosphere makes it one of those popular destinations for just getting away from it all. It has world class scuba diving and fishing as well. There are many ways to experience this part of the state but we chose a bicycle journey through the Florida Keys We decided

Active World Journeys. Capital Reef. Exploring America from “Sea to Shining Sea” with a list of the beautiful US national parks to visit this summer after we are all Covid vaccinated. As more and more Americans are getting vaccinated, this summer looks like it will break records for domestic travel as the floodgates open and people take their travel lives back. It will be great for local economies that were hard hit in 2020 by shutdowns and capacity limitations due to the

Active World Journeys in Turkey. Turkey is a place of tantalizing ancient civilizations and spectacular natural wonders. With more ancient Greek and Roman sites than in Italy and Greece combined, and having more than half of all the places mentioned in the bible, Turkey is chock-full of dynamic history, fabled stories and iconic characters. In Southern Turkey, along the Mediterranean coast, is one of the world’s 10 best long-distance trekking routes – The Lycian Way. Local tour guide experts at Demavend Travel took me

One of the most beloved and popular National Parks in the United States is Shenandoah in Virginia, featuring the famed Blue Ridge Mountains. A 100-mile, well-marked section of the Appalachian Trail (AT) goes through the park on the crest of the mountain range. (The entire Appalachian Trail is 2,000 miles and runs from Maine to Georgia.) Our small group hiked a 35-mile “best of “ section of the AT in the park over four days featuring spectacular vistas and well-situated, rustic, full-service cabins and lodges along

A SHORT NOTE FROM JACK WITT REGARDING HIS ADVENTURES AND TOURS DURING PANDEMIC As many of us consider a thoughtful return to travel during the age of Covid-19, one thing is for sure; nobody knows how things will play out going forward. There will be a risk/reward aspect to everything in our lives going forward, and travel will be no exception. Active World Journeys will continue to provide small group travel experiences, both domestic and international. New health, sanitation and safety

French trappers are responsible for naming the three peaks now known as the South, Middle, and Grand Teton. They called the mountains “Les Trois Tetons,” or “The Three Breasts.” The Grand Teton—the tallest of the three—literally means “the big tit.” So now that we have that quirky and fun tidbit out of the way, I just want to say that after a visit to Grand Teton National Park, I am proclaiming it as one of my absolute favorites. It’s stunning and beautiful.