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8-Days Patagonia Trekking Adventure World famous trekking awaits in Torres del Paine National Park – Chile. Each valley, peak, and pass hides its own treasures; be it hanging glaciers, vast pampas, twisted metamorphic rock or ice blue streams. No two days will be the same on this spectacular and perhaps most scenic trek on the planet Earth.

Join Active World Journeys on a popular "Best of Cuba Tour" Travel legally to Cuba and be captivated and allured by the mix of music, art, classic cars, world-class rum and cigars; and perhaps the most fun and passionate locals you’ll encounter anywhere. Book your private group of at least 5 people on dates of your choice by emailing: Jack@ActiveWorldJourneys.com or calling 323-739-4510

Israel, Palestine and Jordan: A captivating landscape and epic destination known collectively as “The Holy Land.” Rich in cultural, historical and archeological heritage, and the center of the three Abrahamic faiths, this region celebrates more than 5,000 years of diverse human history.