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March 2021

Active World Journeys in Turkey. Turkey is a place of tantalizing ancient civilizations and spectacular natural wonders. With more ancient Greek and Roman sites than in Italy and Greece combined, and having more than half of all the places mentioned in the bible, Turkey is chock-full of dynamic history, fabled stories and iconic characters. In Southern Turkey, along the Mediterranean coast, is one of the world’s 10 best long-distance trekking routes – The Lycian Way. Local tour guide experts at Demavend Travel took me

One of the most beloved and popular National Parks in the United States is Shenandoah in Virginia, featuring the famed Blue Ridge Mountains. A 100-mile, well-marked section of the Appalachian Trail (AT) goes through the park on the crest of the mountain range. (The entire Appalachian Trail is 2,000 miles and runs from Maine to Georgia.) Our small group hiked a 35-mile “best of “ section of the AT in the park over four days featuring spectacular vistas and well-situated, rustic, full-service cabins and lodges along