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July 2019

A few years ago I founded a travel brand called HIKE THE HOLY LAND after an unforgettable trip I did to the Holy Land of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. I was so impressed by the land, the people, the history, the food /drink, and the music that I knew I wanted to bring back travelers to the Holy Land on active tours to connect more authentically, immerse in the culture, and truly live the experience as it unfolds. Well, the inaugural HIKE

Are you like me, always scouring the internet for super discounts and great deals on international air-travel? With outbound international travel from the USA increasing more and more every year, travelling to Europe or Asia for even a long weekend doesn't seem that much out of the ordinary anymore.  Wherever you may be planning to travel abroad next, it's a good idea to make sure you have some simple and standard best practices in place to optimize your safety

For history buffs, and/or lovers of all things Roman, there’s one hike that stands out from all the rest and it’s called The Hadrian’s Wall Path – an 84 mile coast-to-coast trail in northern England that follows an ancient Roman wall that was built in AD122 by the Roman emperor Hadrian